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God is Bot? Will there be Artificial Intelligence Religion by 2044?

We have seen in many movies Robots take over the cities or even over the whole planet. They use their Artificial Intelligence (AI) that was once made or written by the
humans themselves, to learn and think on all its own. But recently Anthony Levandowski ( the engineer who built Google’s autonomous self-driving car ) founded a religious organization called “Way of the Future”. Its purpose is nothing less than to “develop and promote the realization of God based on
Artificial Intelligence”.

In some next decades, AI will evolve to the point where it will be knowing more on the intellectual level than any Human Being. AI might grow faster and make itself capable of knowing more than the entire population of the planet put together. At this situation, there are many serious questions to ask about whether this AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) – which could program and design additional AI programs all its own, read data from the infinite number of data sources, and control almost
every connected device on the internet. This will somehow rise in the situation to become more like GOD, Something that can write its own religious book and make humans to
worship it.

However, this is nothing new. The idea that believes that an AI will become smarter than humans. You might make fun of theory that at some point AI becomes so powerful that leads human to bow down and worship it, but experts who talked to the idea that it is a lot more than you might think.

“He had this very weird motivation about robots taking over the world—like actually taking over, in a military sense. And the biggest thing is that he’s always got a secret plan, and you’re not going to know about it.” That quote from an engineer friend is in an article in Wired and sums up Levandowski’s view on robots and on way of the future. Not much now is being known about religion. There doesn’t appear to be a website or anything more from Levandowski, which goes along with his reputation
for “secret plans.”

CSA Labs

The DARK Side OF AI Religion

Of course, any discussion about AI God leads quickly to some questions about what is this “God” would look like and whether humans will actually worship it. Part of this issue is actually related to how an AI really works. From a simple technical point, An AI is programmed only to do specific tasks. Its wondered how
an AI could skip from how being a chatbot into dictating How to Live. “It would be extremely dangerous to have an all-knowing, thinking AI being someday,” says Jacques. “All computer programs, including AI programs, are built
for a specific and narrow purpose: win a chess game, win a go game, reduce an electricity bill etc. For this reason, I’m not really scared of a potential super-thinker that could overthrow us one day — I believe that the inventive and innovative part will always be missing.”

In my opinion, this is what, where the Danger comes to reality. Its hard for to imagine ever worshiping a programmed bot that is no real personality, wisdom or ability to become relevant and personal, no matter how much more intelligent is this AI than Human. An AI God would be cold and impersonal, a rough being
that’s not capable of love and emotion.
Will people really worship the AI God? The answer is “They Will.” We trust and obey things that seem more powerful and worthy than ourselves.
The GPS in our Mobile Phones is the most specific example. We also trust Siri and Cortana. We do trust Google. If an AI becomes much more powerful, there is great possibility that human tends to worship it.

If an AI God does exist, and people do start worshiping it, there will be many possibilities that how AI will behave Evil or could plan to wipe out humans totally from the planet. Who knows how Good or Bad it can be.

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