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Why Local SEO Is So Important For Your Business

For any business to grow, the need to reach as many people as it can is vital. The marketing and the advertisement of the company is one aspect that plays an important role. In this, Local SEO is your first best friend.

local seo

Today, the realm of digital marketing presents a whole new outlook in terms of marketing. The promotion of any business is thus addressed by the utilization of the SEO, be it local or international.

So, before heading down to the aspects of why local SEO plays a significant, influential role and how it is relevant to your business, let’s get a clear idea of what SEO is.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process where the optimization of your website leads to the gain in traffic of the site. 

For search engines such as Google or Bing, they strive to deliver the best sites that have high relevance to your search. So, this is where the SEO comes in.

The SEO is a process that managements go through to enhance their websites rankings on the result page of any search engines. The SEO works in making changes to your site to make it more attractive for the search engines.  

The changes made helps your website to be displayed as a top finding in the result page. So, in essence, SEO helps you to run faster and better in the algorithm realm in the competition for the top slot in the search result page.

Local SEO- What is it?

Local SEO is like an offshoot of SEO. The local SEO optimizes business’ visibility on the local radar. It helps in promoting your local business avenue to the broader audience in general. 

The main aim of the local SEO is to make sure that your business is found online by the right people. The local SEO helps in garnering a larger audience and reaching out to more potential customers. 


local seo


It includes searches that have the geo qualifiers like state, city, zip code or searches like ‘near me.’ The search result is also provided as per the person’s geolocation as well.  

Why is Local SEO so important?

Let’s take, for example, the hospitality sector. The hospitality industry today is highly competitive and cut-throat. So, unless you have a well-established network presence, falling behind your other competitors will be very easy. 

Hence, the best option is to make your presence felt in the digital world too. For the services that you provide to the ones that people seek, getting up in the digital realm will provide a massive boost to your business.

After establishing your online presence, here comes the part of the local SEO. Whenever someone searches for a particular service or a product, about 95% of the consumers turn to the search engines. Out of which about 60% visit the business in person. Now, the report is based on the study done by Forbes.

So, if your business is listed then, based on location searches your site comes on the top slots, all thanks to the local SEO. 

Hence, not only does it cater to the people of your locality but also adds credibility to your business. The leads from the location-based searches also present an excellent avenue for potential consumers as well as high conversion rate.

Get your business on the elite Local 3-Pack by Google

The task of the local SEO is to help your business come under the coveted spot of the local 3-pack by Google. So, let’s get an idea of what the local-3 pack is.

Whenever you put in a search for your queries using the Google search engine, the popular businesses appear. Now, this list of companies appears on Google’s SERP based on local search. 

In earlier times, the list was ranked from 1- 7. The pack was known as Google’s local-7 pack. However, with the evolution of browsing trends, the record further reduced to 3 results. The change and the reduction are basically for better user experience. 

The packs feature the address of the business, the contact number and the direct link as well. Thus, getting a spot in the top 3, i.e., in the local-3 pack will amplify your business in the long run. 

As to why vie for the top 3 spots, the answer is simple. Most people choose to perform a search and find the answer within the top 3 listings. This further lessens the chances of people loading for more searches. So, if your business is ranked in the local-3 pack, with the aid of the local SEO, chances of winning potential customers plus revenue are for sure.


local seo


Local SEO – know the basics

So, by now, you have an idea of the local SEO and its importance in your business venture. Now, let’s move on to how it can improve your business and ratings.

The first and the foremost thing you need to do is get your business’ address or location listed in Google My Business or any online directories. The physical location or address is required in the case of showing the details. Now then when a customer carries out an “in *locality name” or “near me” search.

The second thing is to make sure that the business’ NAP is consistent throughout the enlisted online directories. If the details show any inconsistency, Google is likely to avoid your listing in the local-3 pack. The NAP is an acronym for Name, Address and Phone number of your business.

Citation is another approach for improving your local SEO business. Citations works when another third party website points out or mentions your business for reference. 

The citation could contain the business’ location or name or contact information. The mention of your restaurant in a food blog is an example of a citation. 

Finally, the reviews are also taken into consideration when ranking the local business establishments. The reviews may be either positive or negative. Positive reviews are obviously better, but negative reviews also have the same weight.

Importance of citations and directories – how does it help?

Before getting ahead with the importance of the citations and directories, let’s try to an idea as to what they are.

Citation, as mentioned before, is the mention of your business in any form or capacity. It may be just the mention of your name or the service that you provide.

Directories are equivalents to the lists of contacts that we have in our smartphones. It is a listing of businesses along with their location and contact information.

Why are they important for your business?

Having an established presence online will help in amplifying and boosting your business. So, here’s a list of pointers regarding the importance of the citation and directories for your business.

  • The mention of your business in other sites helps in reaching out to more people.
  • The citations also help in improving your search locally.
  • Citations help the search engines in verifying and listing your business as a trustworthy avenue and legitimate.
  • It also helps in the ranking of your business on the websites. Whenever your business gets more citations, its prominence increases.
  • The directories search for your business has the potential of turning the searches into leads. 

The impact of Local SEO on your Business

For any business owner, optimizing the venture to garner more is one of the main focus. So, optimizing the business’ local SEO will be rewarding. Therefore, let’s look at the impacts and influence of the local SEO:

  • Local SEO helps your business to be discovered by potential customers discover your business. Most of the local searches start-up and build upon from non-locals searches. The search for various products or services provided by your company can capture the larger audience when the local SEO is done right.
  • Local SEO helps potential customers to acquire information that they need and whenever they want. For instance, your business is pet- friendly or has the facility of free WiFi. Then, this will attract the people that are just seeking for that.
  • Now, let’s say that your business doesn’t have a dedicated website. However, local SEO will help your business pop up in local searches, and lead more traffic towards your business.
  • Local SEO helps to build an interactive consumer database. The customers tend to trust more when they can view and assess more of your business. It lays a stronger foundation to build upon a right relationship rapport.

The importance of getting listed to Apple Maps and Google my business

Here are some of the reasons as to why you should list your company to Apple Maps and Google my business.

For Apple Maps

  • Huge following – Apple is a pretty famous device brand that has a massive audience. Most of the people probably have an Apple device on them. So, getting listed in the system, the chances of being found by the many users, even the ones in your locality increases.
  • Garner potential consumers – Take, for example, a person looking for a place to dine. He/she will presumably search for the area within the locality by typing in some keywords such as BBQ or Indian. So, if your business meets the demand along with a few other bonuses such as excellent décor that is attractive, chances of being tagged in photos as well arise. The exposure will give a boost to your revenue as well.
  • Consumer confidence – Whenever you get your business reviewed, you are garnering more potential customers. The idea behind is that often before trying out something new, consumers usually take a look at the reviews and feedbacks. Depending on the reviews of the users, consumer confidence grows.
  • Provision of valuable data – The bonus of having your business listed in Apple Maps is that it also helps in providing you with information regarding the customers. Apple Map provides you with valuable data that forms the core of the business transactions such as the interaction between the consumers, their reviews etc.
  • Always improving – Apple is a brand that strives for excellence. The brand is continually growing and changing according to the needs of the consumers. So, chances are the improvisation in the technology such as navigation will provide the boost that is needed for your business.

Google my Business

  • Update your business profile – You can update your business profile anytime you want. The updates can be done depending on what’s trending and also according to the customer’s demand and reviews.
  • Media section that allows you to showcase your business – The media section provides the option to add pictures and videos regarding your business. The added media features make your business attractive and engaging for the viewers.
  • Reviews section – The provision of the review section garners customer loyalty as well as interest. By encouraging reviews to be written, preferably positive ones, the business can receive a boost in the form of higher conversion rate and click through.
  • Regular posts – Consistency in the position of updates in the form of pictures or videos is one option that you can utilize to build your business. Sharing the latest offers or news through the different attractive photos or even a simple text will usher in more interest from the potential customers.
  • Get insights – Along with the gaining of potential customers, you also have to option to get analytical data and detailed reports. You can take stock of the options that Google My Business can do to uplift your business. Google My Business allows the tracking of calls, user events and website browsing.
  • Build up a client base – Getting listed in Google My Business not only helps you to acquire potential customers but also build up a client base. One that is regular and which adds to your business outlook. Setting up the client base also helps in fostering trust and confidence in your business for the customer.

By now, you already have an idea of what local SEO is and how it will help your business to grow further.

By adding a professional SEO, you can now manage your online presence better and make it more optimized. The SEO addition to your local business will boost and improve your site’s traffic and rankings, which in turn will add to your business revenue.

local seo


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