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How to View Your Recent Print History

Printing plenty of documents is a pretty common thing. Many documents are printed but how do we keep the record of those documents. This is the area where print history comes into existence, simple yet most helpful procedure. Print history is a term referred to where you keep the record for every printed document. So that every copy which is printed can be used for the future. So here it can be said Print history secures the future.

However, the print history is not a kind of thing which gets automatically saved on your computer. But in order to activate print history in your computer, you have to enable the print logging from the reference of the printer. This allows to save all your printing documents, not only Operating System but some external software are also there to keep a record of your every printed data for. Ex. – paper cut logger, print management software. So that all your printed data will be on your fingertips according to your convenience.

There are some steps to be followed in order to save print history. A different OS like OSX, Windows, Windows 7, 8, 10 have a different procedure

Steps in OSX to view print history:

  1. Open your browser (Safari).
  2. In the URL bar the local address (http://localhost:631).
  3. Double click jobs in the menu.
  4. Now double click “show completed jobs” to see your print history.

These are the 4 simple steps involved in observing the print history of OSX

Steps in windows to view print history :

  1. From the server window double click “Start” menu.
  2. From the start menu bar select “Printer and Faxes”.
  3. From Printer and Faxes click on “File”.
  4. From file select “Server Properties” then “Advanced”.
  5. check the box beside the “Log spooler information events”.
  6. After that restart the printer.
  7. Yeah good to go print the documents and observe print history

Steps involved in windows 7 to view print history :

  1. From Start menu double click “Control Panel”.
  2. Click “All Control Panel items”.
  3.  select “Administrative Tools”.
  4. From Administrative tools pick “Event Viewer”.
  5. From Event viewer click “Application services” select “Microsoft”.
  6. Then click on “Print Service”.
  7. Right-click on operational and select “Enable Log”

After completing these steps you will see the print history which includes, name of the file that was printed, size of the document, user who printed and completed the work, number of pages in documents and the dates at which these documents were printed. Every time documents to be printed, always remember to “Enable Log” of print history. This doesn’t just save you from unwanted mistakes and number of copies but also gives a brief knowledge about what and how much to be printed and what was printed in your absence so no misuse can be done. There is a small saying that “the more you aware the more you earn”. Just a Print history can save your time, paper, ink, and more importantly money.