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You’re not actually good in PUBG mobile, its all about PUBG bots

pubg bot

Is It all about PUBG Bots? Or you really play well?

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG) has become a very influential or we can topple the word
with inductive games in India. Its popularity is gaining a high raise day by day becoming the best
selling Xbox One video game by total copies sold, 8 million in counting. There won’t be a
person who wouldn’t have any logistics about PUBG in India. This online multiplayer battle
royale game is based on previous mods that were created by Brendan “PlayerUnknown”
Greene for other games, inspired by a 2000 Japanese movie Battle Royale. It is now played on
every platform taking Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Android, IOS and Playstation 4 under its
subsidiary. PUBG BOTS, These are AI/ Computer controlled Players/ Characters in the game. In the initial
development of the game, there were a very few players so the Tencent released some artificial
players who are actually robots.

pubg mobile bot pubg bot

Purposes: PUBG Bots serve two major purposes

First, they allow newbies to be eased into the game rather than be faced with much-experienced
players in the battleground. They are there to teach the player the basics – how to play,
mastering the controls, learning the map and other initial required skills that a new player should
be acquainted with.

Second, PUBG Bots reduce the loading time so the game server doesn’t have to wait for actual
100 players to begin the round.

Using Bots to draw in players: PUBG wanting to draw in more and more players, they make the
players accustomed that they are winning by making them play against bots in the beginning
ranks or the bronze levels. It also does not indicate that bronze levels have no real players, the
level just has a higher number of bots than real players.

Appearances of PUBG Bots: It is not that PUBG Bots are only in the lower tiers of the game but
the players have experienced playing with bots even in the Crown or Conqueror leagues. They
appear from nowhere and stand with no movement until they are shot. They are very easy
to kill. While describing these bots, the word ‘surprise’ is apter than ‘trouble’.

Identification of Bots: There are several ways to judge whether the enemy is a bot or not.
First, they can only use single fire mode to attack, also their bullet hits are relatively lower than
real players, even if using the same weapon.

Second, their moves are quite slow and they appear very clumsy. They never shoot while
moving, neither they will avoid players’ attacks, even if player shoot them from a long-range,
they never fight back, instead, they keep running or get down at the same place. In addition,
they don’t know to spring.

Third, they usually spawn at the edge of the maps and seldom collect many loots as real

Bot Scam: Many players lure the enemy towards themselves by using the Bot Scam compelling
that they fire bullets in a manner that a bot does so that the other players nearby will think that
they have spotted a bot and rush towards them only to get killed.

Benefits: They increase the kills leading to increase in the kill death ratio, improving the stats.
Players can complete their RP ( Royal Pass ) mission and achievements very easily by killing

pubg bots

How to avoid PUBG Bots: The only way to avoid bots is to level up quickly. Once the player has
reached Gold tier in any mode i.e. Solo/ Duo/ Squad in the game, they will encounter real
players making the game more interesting to play and hard to win. Even if the player is at level
20 or 30, they may find a bot lingering around them. The number of bots reduces when there are
few players alive in the match. One surely encounters real players when they are in the top 10.
Once these bots are killed, players can find more loot than these bots actually seem to carry.
On PC, there are no bots and people fight against real players making it tougher.

PUBG is updating these bots to make the game more tough for the players, increasing their
efficiency and personalities to make them more seem like real players.

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