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Swedish Radio Station Hacked to Play ISIS Song

Mix Megapol, a private Swedish radio station recently suffered a cyber attack in which station transmission was hacked to play ISIS song for 30 minutes on Friday morning. Controlled by ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG, the radio station runs in 24 cities in the country with a big number of fan following.

This incident took place during the Swedish radio station’s breakfast show when their frequency was hacked to play the ISIS song that is based on the theme urging people to join the terrorist organization, according to Swedish local website 24Malmo.

“Afterwards it is very difficult. If it is a disturbance that only occurs during a period and never occurs again, it is difficult to find.”

The Company’s spokesman Jakob Gravesham told the media that the incident has been reported to the police and Swedish government authorities who are investigating the issue.

Video of incident:

It is still not clear if Swedish radio station website was affected or not while they played ISIS song.

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