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Unknown iPhone Facts You Should Know About

iPhone has played a major in a way everyone uses a smartphone today, but some of the unknown iPhone facts are lesser known by the users and non-users of Apple’s iPhone.

Top Unknown iPhone Facts

1. Apple’s smartphone was not the first iPhone

The first iPhone was introduced by Infogear Technology Corporation in 1998. At that time, it provides the feature of regular phone and web terminal. After that, the company was purchased by Cisco. The iPhone was featured with sliding keyboard and LCD touchscreen that accessed a web browser and an email client.

unknown iphone facts

In December 2006, Cisco Systems redesigned Linksys VoIP features to make calls using Skype without having access to any computer.

unknown iphone facts

2. Apple denied showing network provider logo on iPhone

At the launch of first iPhone, Apple denied showing network provider logo on top of iPhone. It proposed to show the Apple logo instead of carrier (network provider) logo.

3. Apple App Store is the first legal app store

Apple app store is the first ever app store that provides downloading and purchasing of apps and games legally.

The Apple app store was initially launched on July 10, 2008. On July 11, the iPhone 3G was released and launched with a preloaded app store.

unknown iphone facts


4. Samsung manufactures the processor for iPhone

From the beginning, Samsung was the main supplier for iPhones, making the processor and supplying memory chips.

unknown iphone facts

5. “Invention of the Year” award in 2007

In 2007, iPhone was awarded the title “Invention of the Year” by Time Magazines considering that the iPhone is not only the phone but its platform and it will make other phones better and more user-friendly.

6. Huge sale ever in 2012

In 2012, Apple made the huge sale of history.  It sold 340,000 iPhones per day and it is relatively the biggest sale of smartphones in history.

7. Apple store every command given to Siri

Whenever you give a command to Siri, it got stored in the database of Siri or Apple. Apple stores the commands given to Siri to analyze and better the user interaction with AI.

8. Brazil charge highest charge on new iPhones

In Brazil, the cost of iPhones is just double as compared to the cost in the United States. While in India, the cost also becomes high due to importing charges and tax but the price in Brazil is relatively too much high as compared to any country.

9. Every iPhone shows the time 9:41 in the advertisement.

HAve you ever noticed that every iPhone device in advertisement shows the time as 9:41. Actually, this the time when Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone in 2007.

unknown iphone facts

10. A man waited 7 months outside Apple store to purchase iPhone 6

There are many fans of iPhone across the world and who would not like to get the brand new iPhone after its launch. But in Japan, after getting failed to purchase iPhone 5 before anyone else get it, an Apple fan waited 7 months outside the Apple Store to purchase the first iPhone 6.

Unknown iphone facts

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