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What is Peer to Peer network? and Why Torrent is Illegal?

What is Peer-to-peer network? How does it work? What are its disadvantages? Why is Torrent illegal?

Let us first talk about how the network works, we are not talking about peer to peer network now.

When you visit a website on the internet, the first action your web browser performs is downloading the content of that website (web pages, images, videos) from the web server, where it is hosted. Every content your surf on the internet is somewhere hosted on any server, whether it is a video hosted on youtube or a website such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

What is a peer-to-peer network

Peer to peer file sharing is much different from the daily used network. In peer to peer file sharing network, you use a software designed to work on the network efficiently. The software locates the file on other computers on the network. As the name suggests, there is no server between the computers communicating each other the in peer to peer network.

For example, In an organization using a network printer, all the computers are attached to the printer the on network. When any computer sends the print command to the network, then it is the peer to peer connection between the computer and printer. The print command received by the printer directly from the computer and there is no server or hub between them.

How does it Work

The process of peer-to-peer files sharing works like this:

  • The client runs a peer to peer file sharing system (i.e., Torrent) on their computer and sends a request to search for the particular file to download.
  • To successfully locate the file, the service (Torrent) queries other computers that are connected to the Internet and running peer to peer file sharing system.
  • The service shows the available and related files according to the search that is on the hard drives on other computers.
  • After client downloads the file, his computer starts sharing that file on peer to peer network from his computer too.

By using peer to peer file sharing service such as Torrent, you are availing the service to make the file (you downloaded) on the computer available to be downloaded by other users on the network.

Some peoples download the file from the service (Torrent) and immediately disconnect or remove the Torrent. By doing this, You are no longer sharing the downloaded file with users over the network. Removing the torrent file will save you lots of bandwidth as the file will no longer be shared over the network.

Main drawbacks of the peer-to-peer file sharing network

The main drawbacks of peer to peer network such as Torrent are that It spreads copyright content illegally. Following are the drawbacks of peer to peer network:

  • The spread of copyright content. The copyright content couldn’t be easily removed from the network because it is saved on someone’s computer. If it is hosted on a web server then it could be easily removed by contacting the web server.
  • It is mostly used to spread Malware and Virus.
  • You don’t know what is inside the file until you download and open the file.
  • It has a great role in increasing Pornographic content over the Internet.


Why Torrent is Illegal

 No, Torrent is not illegal at all . But downloading copyright files from Torrent is illegal. Torrent was created with a good motive but it is used to distribute illegal content.

However, Torrent is banned in India and also in some other countries. There are many scenarios when using torrent is illegal.

why torrent is illegal what is peer to peer network

There are few reasons when using torrent is illegal:

  • Downloading or Sharing Copyright material such as someone else work or the content you don’t own.
  • Downloading or sharing paid software and tools for free without the legal permission.
  • Spreading Malware and virus to other computers over the network
  • Downloading or sharing the TV series such as The Flash, Game of Thrones etc.

why torrent is illegal what is peer to peer network

Situations when using Torrent doesn’t create any offense:

  • Downloading or sharing Freeware and open source software and tools.
  • Downloading or sharing freeware files and software.
  • Sharing your files with your co-workers and friends.

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