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WPA3 Release Coming This Year to Enhance Security


WPA 3 release is coming this year to enhance Wi-Fi security. WPA3 will encrypt all data on the public Wi-Fi network, with encryption built-in public network.

The Wi-Fi Alliance announced its new and secure Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA3) security protocol. According to Wi-Fi Alliance, the WPA3 will secure your internet traffic and all IoT devices connected to it.

It’s been announced that WPA3 will arrive in early 2018. The new standard will be more secure and provide additional security to public Wi-Fi networks on which users become an easy target to hackers.

“Wi-Fi security technologies may live for decades, so it’s important they are continually updated to ensure they meet the needs of the Wi-Fi industry,” said Joe Hoffman from consulting firm SAR Insight & Consulting in a statement.

wpa3 release

WPA3 uses four-way handshake technology to establish a connection that ensures the same password is being used by both client and access points when they join the network. WPA3 will also feature 192bit security suite aligned with the Commercial National Security Algorithm (CNSA) Suite that will protect the government, defense, and industrial networks that have higher security requirements.

According to the report published on CNET, WPA3 will block Brute-Force attacks. This new standard uses an old trick where an attacker can get thrown out after some incorrect login attempts and it blocks them completely after few guesses.

In October 2017, security researchers revealed a major security flaw in the currently used wpa2 Wi-Fi security protocol. the KRACK vulnerability that uses key management flaw in wpa2 Wi-Fi security protocol. it is a major drawback of wpa2 because the security protocol is being commonly used to authenticate and protect Wi-Fi networks for both enterprise and personal settings worldwide.






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